Our integrated service approach


We develop and execute integrated marketing communications strategies across various businesses and industries including public relations; reputation and crises management; stakeholder engagement; digital and social media; activations; and events. We are passionate about building brands by delivering engaging content and creating memorable brand experiences that target measurable business objectives.

We create a spark in the dark by giving you a voice in the noise.

We create a spark in the dark by giving you a voice in the noise.


Through our targeted approach and by creating exclusive and relevant experiences, the brands that we represent truly connect with their clients and important partners. We make companies glow in the dark. 

Our approach

Fireflies are a reliable sign that summer has arrived.

But how do they produce their magical glow?

The secret is bioluminescence, the production and emission of light by a living organism.

Fireflies have a specific organ dedicated to creating light. When oxygen mixes with luciferin in the light organ, it generates a chemical reaction. The reaction emits a burst of light.

In a similar way, our consultancy embodies our brand image. We create a spark in the dark for our clients, amidst the noise of the information age. We help you to tell your business story in a consumer-friendly way that can add significant value to your current and potential clients’ lives.

Just as bioluminescent organisms can glow in complete darkness, we too help you to navigate the various communications channels to reach the right target market with the right message.

Fireflies can also determine any toxicity that will reduce their glow. Likewise we will partner with you as your strategic adviser to ensure the most efficient communication strategy that outlines a quality, targeted approach.

Scientists say the reason why fireflies glow, is that the light show is a nocturnal dating scene; different species blink different light patterns. The signature patterns help fireflies find mates of the same species. Quite useful since there are about 2 000 different species.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right consultancy, one that will fit your company culture and values. 

A consultancy should have extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering on measurable business objectives, while building clients’ brands to ensure they are getting the most value for their money.

You should understand the consultancy’s history, experience and clients; how results are measured; and how they plan to deliver on your objectives.

Are we the right size for you?

We pride ourselves on being a Goldilocks agency - not too big, not too small to service our clients. Unlike many small agencies, we bring significant experience and expertise formed through sustained professional corporate experience; unlike the major multinationals, however, we can offer many of the capabilities of the “big guys”, but with lower overheads and greater flexibility. Firefly PR is a boutique agency that was founded in 2016. However, we at Firefly PR have over 20 years extensive communications and public relations experience, locally and abroad.

Ask us how we can add value to your business.

We called on Lisette to stand in on a contract basis for our PR Manager while on maternity leave. Given Lisette’s extensive PR and media experience, she settled into the “contract” role with ease and without any interruption. She has the ability to seamlessly engage with senior executives, investment professionals and media.

Even though Lisette is assisting us on a contracting basis, she is part of the team!
— Wynand Gouws, Marketing Executive Old Mutual Investment Group

Lisette has a very good network and is very skilled in placing newsworthy stories. She is very approachable, responsive and pleasant to work with.
— Deane Moore, CEO JUST Retirement SA Pty Ltd

I approached Firefly to do some communications for a specific complex project that involved numerous stakeholders.

Lisette delivered to the highest expectations within very short timeframes, she was able to take complex information and make it simple to understand.
She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and committed to delivery.

I would highly recommend her.
— Abeeda Hendry, Executive Head of Marketing and Communications Old Mutual Wealth